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Great starts here.

The Global Authority on Workplace Culture.

Great Place To Work® Certification™ is the most powerful way to elevate your employer brand, attract, retain, and engage the right people, and get the tools to unlock their potential.

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Making India a Great Place To Work For All

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Market Leaders Rely on Great Place To Work®

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Why We’re the Culture Leaders

We are the gold standard for workplace culture through research backed methodologies.


Research Backed Technology

Emprising™ from Great Place To Work® is the only employee experience platform built upon 30 years of research and data to take the guesswork out of culture work.


Most Robust National Recognition Program

Our all-rounded workplace recognition program streamlines the application process, making it simple for you to earn recognition as one of the nation’s top workplaces.


Benchmarking and Insights from the Best

Unparalleled benchmarking data and best practices from leading companies around the world.


Proven Model and Methodology

Our Trust Index™ Survey is taken by millions of employees annually, and our Great Place To Work methodology has guided research on workplace culture for decades.
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Introducing Great Place To Work® India's First Ever Workplace Culture App - For All Community India

Ready to survey your employees?

Tell us a little about your company and someone from our team will be in touch soon.
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